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In The Huddle

Leonard Marshall

Former 2x Super Bowl champ, Leonard Marshall, is a winner, and he proved it every time he stepped on the gridiron and has proved it every day since he stepped off the field. His passion for excellence shines through everything he does, and make no mistake, Leonard’s drive and determination creates an indelible impact on anyone who has the privilege of knowing him. He continues his quest to equip former professional athletes with information and resources to help them thrive and discover mental success in their post-athletic careers.

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Burgess Owens

During my time with the New York Jets, it was a rough six years. We lost a lot, but I learned a great deal from that. I had to find a way to stay positive and to work hard. I actually considered retiring after my 7th season because I was just so tired of losing, you just get so fed up with it.

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Bob Newton

My Elite Network: Do you have a favorite memory from playing at the University of Nebraska? Bob Newton: Winning Nebraska’s first National Championship in 1970 in the Orange Bowl against LSU is my greatest memory. We had great...

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Ron Mix

I was the number one draft choice of the Boston Patriots. They later changed their name to the New England Patriots when they moved from Boston. I told them if I had to move back east, it would only be to play for the Colts. So, they traded me to the Los Angeles Chargers.

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Billy Cannon

About a thousand memories. We had a great time. Each game has a story, just tremendous fun. I think what sticks in everybody’s mind is that we were undefeated and ended up beating Clemson in the Sugar Bowl. So, it was a lot of fun. We had no Indians only Chiefs on our team. But, all the Chiefs pulled together to do their part. And we had outstanding play across the board.

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Greg Townsend

I grew up in Southern California so of course I was into UCLA and USC. One day it was a big heat wave in Long Beach, I mean it was hot. After practice I was told that a coach from TCU was waiting to talk to me. He had on a sports jacket and was just sitting there, sweating like crazy. This poor guy is waiting for two and a half hours to speak to me. I didn’t want to go to TCU, but at the very least, I can give him 15 minutes. I wasn’t interested in TCU, but, I always gave a coach time just because he came out to see me. So, as we were talking, he was going on about Texas, Texas A&M, SMU and Arkansas and how they needed players like me to beat them.

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Steve Largent

: I was a wide receiver in high school and Tulsa was the only school in the vicinity that was still throwing the football. Naturally, I just gravitated towards that school, it also had a good reputation for academics.

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John Niland

John’s personality is as robust as the imprint he left on the football field. A sense of humor that leaves you smiling and a faith that can stand up against any foe, John Niland is truly an NFL icon. His eleven-year career as an offensive guard spans from 1966 to 1976 where he played for the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. John was a six-time pro bowler and three-time all-pro but John will tell you that his faith in God is the most important aspect of his life. Let’s peer into John’s mind and heart so we get an up close and personal view.

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Doug Cosbie

It was a little intimidating, almost every name on the lockers was a household name. Being a football fan and watching the NFL on TV, you had to watch the Cowboys, they were the late game every Sunday and played in all those Super Bowls. That made it a little different from other locker rooms.

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John Fourcade

The biggest moment in my playing career was the last game of my college career. I scored the winning touchdown against our arch rival with two seconds left. That was the highlight of my playing career. I still do a lot at Ole Miss though.

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Steve Korte

My first love was ice hockey. Back then you could visit five schools for official visits. Of course, I visited Colorado and Wyoming. When I went to Arkansas, which was my last visit, it really felt like a place I would fit in. It was a great move. The decision to go to Arkansas worked out really well for me.

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Mike Golic Promotes Stem Cell Treatments 

during your senior year, and oh yes, you wrestle too. If that is not enough, you go on to play eight years as a defensive tackle for the Houston Oilers, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins.

Not enough for ya? How about becoming a television sportscaster, co-hosting the perpetually popular ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike, and also co-authoring Mike and Mike’s Rules for Sports and Life with co-host Mike Greenberg?

For Mike Golic, achieving is part of the Golic family legacy. Mike’s father played football as did Mike’s two brothers. All three of Mike’s kids attended Notre Dame, and no surprise, all athletes. Let’s peer into the mind of Mike and see what’s happening.

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